France celebrates Epiphany this weekend

Written by Callum Holmes , Friday, 06 January 2023


Every year, France, along with many other countries, celebrates Epiphany. The holiday of Epiphany has various meanings and origins in different cultures and religions and it has been celebrated for many centuries now. Traditionally celebrated on January 6th, the holiday of Epiphany can also be celebrated on the second Sunday after Christmas following a reform to ensure the celebration doesn’t take place on a weekday. 

Epiphany is famous in France for the galette des rois, or King’s cake. The galette des rois is a round, golden cake which traditionally has a bean, known in France as a fève, hidden in it. The lucky person to be served the piece of cake which has the bean hidden in it is then crowned King or Queen for the day! 

The cake can vary from region to region, some regions have a brioche cake with candied fruits whereas others eat a puff pastry cake with a frangipane filling.

The galette des rois will be available to buy in many supermarkets and bakeries in France throughout most of the month of January or you could follow one of the many recipes and make your own!


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