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Meet our multi-lingual call team. Make no mistake, they are the centre of our company and know our business, our agents and our clients needs. Inside and out. 

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Beaux Villages Immobilier, at its simplest, matches buyers with sellers. In reality we do a lot more than that to ensure an outcome that suits all parties (including us!).

We have won industry awards for our customer service and we are a fast-growing company in difficult economic conditions.

Our fee is included in the purchase price unless explicitly stated otherwise. It is due once we make an introduction between you or someone you know and the person with whom you ultimately conduct a property transaction.

Otherwise, unless you sign a different contract with us, you should assume that any other payable service is contracted directly with a third party (such as an independent solicitor).

Sharing the work, cutting the cost
It may be that you do not require each and every element of the service that we provide as standard. For example, you may have found your dream property by your own efforts. Can you negotiate a deal at a price that is appropriate to the market and retain goodwill with the out-going owner? Perhaps you can.

Dossier Service
Whether we have negotiated for you or not, perhaps circumstances mean that an office-base specialist service might now assist the smooth running of your purchase or sale. It might be a question of language. Or your availability to be present at the notaire’s office. Or, it may be that goodwill broke down during your negotiation, and that third-party we mentioned above now has a role to play. That’s fine - we all want a successful outcome.

Fees can be shared if both parties are in agreement, or billed to just one.

Again, ask for a quote.

  Negotiation service
Ask for a quote (it will be a no-sale, no-fee percentage of the agreed price, and a proportion of our full fee). We will ensure that if a deal is at all possible, it will be acceptable to all parties. Do not underestimate the value of a third-party at this point.

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