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Dream Team !

Created: Thursday, 28 December 2017 Written by Martin Henderson

Testimonial for the Team at Tournon d'Agenais..

So you do the usual....cruise the websites, select a broad area, perhaps even venture into offices that have pictures in window of properties for sale..."how hard can it be ?" you ask yourself !...What you forget to think about is the added value a good agent will bring - and Beaux Villages do just that - willingly, with good nature and a high quality service - from phone calls, viewing properties (some occupied, some not), finding the property in the first place ! Email correspondence, worries about anything, advice about the things you'll need: bank accounts; money transfer; perhaps even a contact for a local trades-person, and of course interpretation of "legal-ese"....the list goes on.

Beaux Villages helped us find what we were looking for - and after 3 years of looking and dreaming ....they unlocked the door for us! A genuine thank you to the team, and I mean "team" - because you get the TEAM, not just one agent.

Special thanks though to Kevin and Judith, a great couple that have the experience, first hand, know what its like and can unlock the dream you've been looking for. 

Thanks all 

Martin & Kimbely

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What you say about us...

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