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Testimonial for Marion Robb


By Diane Porteous, 24 February 2015

Hi Marion,

Thank you for your email, your service is absolutely amazing! My trip to France has been unavoidably delayed, but I will contact you when I have more definite plans and we can discuss possibilities. Thank you again for your attention,

Kindest regards,


Testimonial for Ruth Sutton


By Michael and Cathie Cooper, 05 January 2015

Dear Mr Longley,

My wife and I recently completed the purchase of a house in Montjoi and we would like to express our sincere thanks to your company and to Ruth Sutton in particular. From when we first viewed the property in June through to the completion of the sale on Christmas Eve, Ruth has been committed, supportive and determined. She has been nothing but professional and helpful throughout a process which, for Brits buying for the first time in France, can be a little daunting to say the least. Furthermore, the sale was far from straightforward and we would like to stress that Ruth’s professionalism, care, integrity and commitment made sure that we got ’there’ in the end. Ruth has been so supportive throughout the entire process and, to be frank, we do not think that we would have managed to complete the sale without all that she did. We are very happy in our new house - thank you again to Beaux Villages and especially to Ruth. Happy new year.

Best regards

Michael & Cathie

Testimonial for Edite Hill


By Jim and Jill Wheeler, 06 December 2014

We would highly recommend house-hunting with Edite Hill. She is hard-working, totally professional and very good company. Edite makes house-hunting as easy, effective and pleasant as it can get.

Jim and Jill Wheeler

Testimonial for Judith Whitlow


By Tony Chapman, 24 November 2014

Dear Rob & Lynn

I am writing to pass you some feedback about our recent viewing visit to France (14-17/11/14) We are currently searching for a property as a permanent residence. My wife Julia & I are planning to move there in 2015. We have been searching for the past 2-3 years for a suitable property. Of all the agents & agents’ representatives we have met in France we have found Judith Whitlow to have been the most consistently professional & helpful. Over many months she has helped us narrow down our search & we spent a day with her last week viewing several properties, one of which is one of our favourites & a possible candidate for purchase. She is a very sensitive & customer focussed person who helped us understand the realities of buying in France & gave us a very useful insight into French living. She also demonstrated a very competent & personable style with vendors. We will continue to work with Judith to, hopefully, conclude a sale in France. Btw, we have found the Beaux Villages website to be helpful too. I hope you find this feedback useful.

Kind regards

Tony Chapman

Testimonial for Johanna Jaggs


By Adam Hain, 24 November 2014

I just wanted to reiterate how wonderful and helpful you have been from start to finish in relation to our property purchase in France.

Your assistance, patience and skills in navigating through the particular situation we had with the Vendor of the property was amazing. My wife and I are looking forward to inviting you and your husband over to celebrate once we have settled in!

Please do ask prospective clients to contact me if they would like any references or just want to chat through the process and how helpful you are.

Kind regards,


Testimonial for Johanna Jaggs


By Mark and Denise Arnold, 29 September 2014

As Australians searching for a property in France, we understood very little of the language or of French property law and processes. It was very fortunate for us then, that we happened upon a property that was being marketed by Johanna. She assisted us greatly with every step of the process, going out of her way to make sure we understood each leg of the transaction and what it entailed. She also introduced us to a solicitor and between the two of them we received invaluable advice and excellent service. Johanna even went so far as to stay in touch while she was out of France on her annual holidays. We can’t endorse enough the service ethic that she has, which has continued beyond the finalisation of the sale.

Thanks Johanna for your assistance and support during our purchase.

Testimonial for Judith Whitlow


By Val and Den Talbot, 01 August 2014

I would like to say thank you for easing our way through a complicated house sale, and making it less stressful for us. Being very helpful every step of the way. We can't thank you enough.

Testimonial for Judith Whitlow


By William Day, 16 July 2014

Many thanks for all of your help with our property purchase – we have been delighted by how helpful and patient all at Beaux Villages have been; your assistance has been invaluable and much appreciated. Whilst it is possible I may have some further queries I do hope not. My apologies that I was short of time yesterday and unable to have a drink with you – I just made it back to Toulouse in time, having spent a bit of time at the house.

Testimonial for Jacqui Reddin


By Nicola Wynn, 11 June 2014

I've just linked on to my mother's property on your website and just wanted to say thanks - you've really done it justice. It's lovely!

Testimonial for Carol, Colin and Edite


By Mark Mattern & Nico van der Sluis, 01 June 2014

Amazing team with knowledgeable and great customer care. My partner and I just spent 2 full days with representatives from Beaux Villages for our search for a second home in France. We were so positively blown away by their customer service, the large selection of properties, their very quick ability to assess what we are looking for, and their knowledge of the area and the properties. Really. Their team was so committed to help us during a short visit, to view as many properties as possible, and we left this trip with 4 real contenders for possible purchase. All three of our contacts were very friendly and professional, and committed to help us establish our dream second home ! The agents we are working with are: Carol Somers (Charente), Colin Savill (Dordogne), Edite Hill (Tarn and Lot et Garonne). We are very confident this will lead to us buying one of the Beaux Villages properties.

Testimonial for Johanna Jaggs and Jenny Henderson


By David Nicholls, 08 April 2014

I would like to give a big thanks to all concerned in sourcing a buyer and handling all aspects of the sale of my barn conversion in the Dordogne. Johanna Jaggs and Jenny Henderson were both very helpful and guided me through each stage making the whole process proceed smoothly. Not being familiar with the process of selling in France I was pleased with all the extras Beaux Villages handled, e.g Fosse Septique inspection, final water and electric readings, financial direction. in fact far and above the service provided in England by an Estate Agent.

I would not hesitate in recommending Beaux Villages for the sale of a French property,

Testimonial for Mike Sweetman


By John, 03 March 2014

Hi Mike, I have just seen our house on the website....and !! I can see why you are ahead of the competition...what a fabulous write up..! I almost feel like buying it myself. You make it sound so different to the other two. incredible. I just wanted to say thank you...and good luck with finding me a buyer...

Testimonial for Camille Chambon


By Philip, 10 February 2014

Meeting Camille during our house buying was a real boost to the process.

Camille listens to the details of your requirements and has excellent communication skills enabling an exact understanding of what you do and do not require in your new home. She is excellent at developing a great working relationship during the time you are “house hunting”.

Her bright positive personality, with a warm sense of humour smoothes the process and her professional attitude gives confidence as you navigate the system of house purchase. She works hard to search and meet your specific requirements. Having worked on large house renovations herself, this gives Camille another opportunity to share her knowledge should you find yourself looking at a property that requires work, be it major or minor work. She has a wide range of contacts to call on should further detailed professional advice be needed. Again this adds to the process in that it gives a greater confidence to you, as a prospective purchaser.

Having Camille on-board for the duration makes the whole process enjoyable and fun!

Care, attention and support


By Fred & Jean, 08 August 2013

We are very pleased that our property in the Dordogne has been sold in very quick time from our placing with Beaux Villages Immobilier, Verteillac.

We would particularly wish to thank you and Romain for the care, attention and support to us during the selling process.

Fred & Jean

Testimonial for James Ickringill

You really did go the extra mile for me


By Liz, 09 July 2013

Hi Scott,

Just wanted to say thank you so much for all your efforts and time you spent helping me find my new home, I am still a little in shock, but in a good way.

It was really good to meet you and a very enjoyable couple of days, never enjoyed spending money so much! Really didn't expect to buy on this trip, but my lovely house really did have my name on it, it felt right the moment I walked in.

I hope we stay in contact, and when I am settled in I hope that you and your family will come over for some food and a few drinks.

You really did go the extra mile for me and I thank you and will recommend you to any of my friends and family that may be thinking of moving here.


Testimonial for Scott Waterhouse

A truly exceptional experience


By David and Leda, 05 June 2013

I thought I would drop you a line to say thank you for the truly exceptional customer service we have delighted to receive during and after our purchase of our new property. Over the years we have bought and sold many properties around the world and I can say without any doubt this has been the most painless, efficient and thoughtful service we have ever experienced. Nothing was, and continues to be, too much effort for Chloe and her colleagues. She anticipates, understands the issues and challenges you will face and offer proactive help and guidance throughout the whole process…way beyond what one might reasonably expect. That we were doing this from Hong Kong, at the same time as relocating to Europe is a testimony to her care can complete professionalism. She made it a pleasure, not a nightmare and she is a real credit to Beaux Villages Immobilier.

Please accept our thanks for a truly exceptional experience thanks to Chloe. Please feel free to use this not in your marketing as a testimonial of just how well it can be done.

Chloe, thank you for a truly terrific job, we are enormously grateful to you.

Testimonial for Chloe Williams

Keep up the good work!


By Helen and Barrie, 21 May 2013

Dear Mike

Thank you so much for the very prompt feedback which is much appreciated and excellent service. Keep up the good work !

Helen and Barrie


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