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In the News
Travelling to France - what has changed since Brexit?
09 June 2021
Work with us
Friends of BVI
02 June 2021
Buying and Selling
French property buying process in 7 steps
27 May 2021
In the News
Easing of covid restrictions in France
18 May 2021
Getting out into your french garden this spring
09 April 2021
French Easter Traditions: Egg Hunts, Flying Bells, Giant Omelettes and Exquisite Chocolate Creations!
31 March 2021
In the News
Nasa gives Brantome and other Dordogne towns twins on Mars
26 March 2021
[VIDEO] Why you will fall in love with this magical chateau
16 March 2021
Two finalists in South West France in the running for ‘France’s favourite village’
15 March 2021
In the News
New British Airways routes for Bergerac and Limoges
11 March 2021
In the News
Moving to France after Brexit
24 February 2021
Buying and Selling
Buying a house in France after Brexit
24 February 2021

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